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Il Weekend sportivo
16 December 2020
Origine delle Zeppole
16 December 2020

Located in Puglia, precisely in the beautiful Polignano a Mare, Puglialimentari has been a symbol of the best bakery Apulian tradition since 1987, year of his born, with a real wide range of typical bakery products of the Apulian Region.
Our Best product is the Tarallo Pugliese, made following the traditional recipe that includes boiling and cooking using only Apulian raw materials like extra virgin olive oil, flour, white wine, a little bit of salt and according to the costumers taste some flavour like pepper, fennel seeds and other ones that you can find on our Catalog!
For the sweet toth we also have a consistent sweet products choose, our most knowed sweet products are the Fagottini, a small bundle made of puff pastry and filled with cocoa cream or jams.
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