Puglialimentari S.r.l.
On the shelves of Puglialimentari, the wide range of treasures of a great bakery tradition. Crunchy tarallini, tasty hand-made bagels, traditional friselle, homemade pastry cream bundles, take us back to an age in which everything was prepared at home, according to recipes handed down for generations. Simple ingredients, combined with creativness and imagination. And all at once as if by magic small delights are created.

Enchanted by the ritual of the family that accompanied the preparation of these products, Puglialimentari, since 1987, was intended to renew the traditional features, symbol of the best tradition of Apulian bakery, with a wide range of products typical of Bari and it’s province.

High-quality products, which return intact to the flavours simple and rich in the same time in the full respect of the healthy presciptions and taste. The use of ingredients selected at source and processed in a natural way, has been ensures the success of the company for 35 years.

Not only that, the Puglialimentari Ltd, thanks to a flexible business organization, produces and manufactures also for and on behalf of other marks, in Italy and abroad.


The security of the Apulian traditions

We use the finest and safest ingredients,
which come from cultivations and processing, and are absolutely natural.

We put at the first place respect for the variety of species,
agro-food and, above all, the defence of the health of the consumers.