There are some images that best represent our company than others. These are of Puglia, our Polignano a Mare, the sun, sea, land and wholesome products from the tables of the past and present, once frugal, nevertheless rich in emotions and values.

Around the Apulian table, there has always been a sense of hospitality, attention to traditional flavours, and the ability to conjure up ideas that turn into reality.

From these ideas came Puglialimentari, founded in 1987, the birthchild of its two young founding members, Giuseppe Colella and Vito Di Masi, adept at developing the opportunities offered by one of the riches of our region, the agri-food sector. Born in a laboratory, Puglialimentari has expanded and developed its facilities over the years but will always remember its humble origins.

We base our traditional bakery products on respect for authenticity, enhancing tradition, and then transmitting the sense of Puglia to our products, starting from the ingredients and methods of natural processing.

Today Puglialimentari, After years of growth and development, the company can differentiate its production line, between sweet and savoury products, between its brands and third-party brands, putting new recipes on the market at a rate of 6000 kilograms per day (about 30,000 bags of traditional Apulian taralli).

From making the homemade production of taralli entrepreneurial to the idea of returning to traditional production and as original as possible: in three and a half decades, Puglialimentari has been able to reinvent itself without losing its original path that is the sun, the sea, and the land of Bari, Puglia.


Authenticity, safety and quality


These are keywords that, in our case, closely summarize what happens daily in our company. Selected ingredients from controlled sources are processed following strict guidelines to leave the production area as quality products respecting consumer standards and expectations.

Authenticity, safety and quality: in one word trust.